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Diversity in media is a critical element to any existing democracy. Media should not only report information accurately and in a timely manner, but also accurately represent it's demographics. In the event an absence of a diversity of voices exists, the results will yield a diminished engagement in public and /or civic affairs as well as the newsrooms. The public's trust in our present day media is not only extremely low, but falling. On the flip side of things, most people tend to trust the media they like, most of us like what we feel we can trust, Welcome to BatalP ii social media marketing radio. Our goal as a radio station is simple. To connect the average everyday consumer with business owners from within their local community, globally. We believe that such a significant relationship between local business owners, their community & media, will establishes a trust that creates true sustainability.

The FCC has a special class of radio licenses called Low Power FM Radio to create opportunities for more voices to be heard on the radio. The LPFM stations are licensed to operate with 100-watts, which allows them to reach an area with a radius of approximately three and one-half miles. LPFM licenses cannot be issued to individual or commercial entities. Also, existing broadcasters, cable television system operators, newspaper publishers, and other media entities are not eligible for LPFM licenses.
BatalP ii social media marketing radio is in the business of connecting he average everyday consumer with business owners from wihin their local community globally. and would like your help in achieving that goal.
Based on the application requirements set by the FCC, we plan on qualifying include i radio for an LPFM licensing under the following conditions:
  • A Ii Planner, which is our non-profit virtual educational institution, will be both similiar in function likeness of a public or private school and/or state or private university
  • We plan on being physically headquartered and/or have a campus within 10 miles of the proposed transmitting antenna.

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Welcome to Batal Productions include i Social. The official Business network platform of our parent company Batal Productions. Create your unique social i.d via our business network and gain access to all of your accounts within our network without the need for multiple paswords or memorization. Other account associated within our busines network include our production magazine, our audio streaming platform and "Whet Tv, our official video streaming platform designed to educate thr average everyday consumer, overall." The goal of our social media marketing platform is to connect the average everyday consumer, with business owners within their local community. We believe that such a significant relationship between the community, media and local businesses, will establishes a trust that creates true sustainability. If you are an active jobseeker or Entrepreneur, create your user account, update your profile, cover photo, list your employment background, experience as well as current position if applicable, and share via your favorite social media platform. Let the world know that you are an active jobseeker or aspiring Business Owner in the process of launching a new exciting product and/or service

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ii-social mobile is a social timeline with chat application for include i social network script. With WoWonder Combined users can post, chat, interact with users feeds, likes, comments and more it is currently in beta..

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The Blac & Bleu Book is the official production magazine of our parent company Batal Productions. Our goal as a production magazine is to connect the average everyday consumer with businesses in their local community. This can create brand awareness, build communitites and create a strong referral service.

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Consider and contact us for your next intrumental production. Untagged wav 5000 units Distribution limit 2 profitable commercial usage 5 performance rights usage No sole ownership beat will be available on the market

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Our Ii planner is our online non profit educational institution catered to educationg collaborating and organising education & job training under a global,uniformed, unified information sharing planning system. User Log in

Welcome to Batal Production. We are a small production company conveniently located in the Las Vegad Metro area with a focus on the Performing arts, New Media, Literature, Television, Radio & Video.
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A résumé is a document used by an individual whom is seeking employment or a higher position within a company. It is a presentation of their backgrounds and skills. The word résumé comes from the French word résumé meaning "summary. Leonard Da Vinci was credited with the first résumé. His version took the form of a letter written on or about 1481–1482 to a potential employer who went by the name of Ludovico Sforza, Roughly after that, approximately for the next 450 years, the résumé continued to be a mere description of a person, which included their abilities and past employment. In the early 1900s, résumés listed things like weight, height, marital status, and religion. During the1950, the résumé evolved into something more than just mere words written on scraps of paper. By then, résumés were considered to be a mandatory document to be presented to a prospective employer, and included information such as personal interests and hobbies. It was not until the 1970s, the beginning of the Digital age, that résumés took on a more professional look in terms of presentation and content. In today’s modern day society, With regards to seeking suitable employment. If you are in need of our résumés writing services ro would like your résumés converted to an official landing page contact us.As an Employer or Recruiter we understand that finding the right can be timely investment with deadlines. We also understand that the first step in the client acquisition process starts with awareness. Schedule you next Job Post with and feature. Create your user profile and start connecting with prospective employees right on our business network BatalP ii-social. You will have the ability to create, update your business profile and list your job post at no cost. Use our live features for batch interviewing. Contact us if you are in need of résumé writing services.

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Connect Facebook account is just few clicks easy. clicking `login with facebook` button will prompt you to allow access to import your Facebook & Instagram account and enable bot for page and you are ready to go. You can comment your own post one time or multiple times. you can save your comments as template and use it whenever you want. perodic posting feature will allow you to comment randomly or serially taking content from template in a frequent manner and start-end time interval. You can set messenger bot with visual flow builder beside classic builder, so your messenger will work 24/7 automatically. Just create text/image/video/link content you want to post. now post it or schedule it to post later. you can also set scheduled periodic post to post same content periodically.

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