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Brian R Connell
As your freelance commercial writer I will be writing 'copies' or text to help businesses communicate with their customers and more importantly, with potential customers.
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Kawika Connell
I am an entry level web & graphic designer currently looking to grow with a small company, which will assist me in expanding on my design experience from simple coding.
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Dominga Connell
I am currently the site's web moderator. As the site's Moderator I will be in charge of managing and maintaining the commenting community for a given website or blog.
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Dawud Connell
As an entry level logo designer, I have the ability to generate (a lot of) innovative ideas, that can easily be implemented to inspire a newer, younger market. Like and share my résumé

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The Blac & Bleu Book

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The Top 10 Health Conditions Affecting Americans
There are more than 325 million people living in big cities, sprawling suburbs and rural areas throughout the Unite...
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