We currently offer nine different varieties of programming covering a variety of topics ranging from syndication, educational, current events; music charts updates, trending topics and much much more.

The Lord Ceo Muk Early Morning Show

The Lord Ceo Muk early morning show will commence every day, seven days per week from 7am PST 10 am EST to 10am PST 1PM EST. During this time we will be narrating our featured articles from The Blac & Bleu Book..

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Our radio announcements will be played in intervals which allow us to provide a service where we play tracks at regular intervals of several minutes or several songs. Our announcement playlists are useful for recurring content, such as commercial advertisements.

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General Rotation

Our general rotation playlists are used to play media from our library when no scheduled or interval playlists are due to be played. zzRadio, like most other stations, spend the majority of our air time playing tracks from general rotation playlists.

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Open House Wednesday

Our open house Wednesday event is designed to promote the services we offer and enhance all prospective verified subscribers user experience. All open house Wednesday attendees will receive a verified subscriber account upgrade from Wednesday till Friday weekly.......

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Jobs Board Announcements

announcements Our jobs board announcements is designed to promote and actively recruit qualified candidates actively looking for work, and successfully connect them with our client employers or participating Service Providers enrolled in our weekly post as a premium service.........

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Zakir Zakir Top 20

The Lord Ceo Muk Show most popular tracks is an indicator to us what should be trending on Zakir Zakat radio. Artist, label managers and other audio creators will be afforded to opportunity to feature their content on Zakir Zakat radio. simply create their account.....

Top 20 Tracks

Zakir Zakat Event Playlist

Our event playlist consist of a variety of audio tracks suitable for our hosted events which consist of Open House Wednesday’s, EDM Thursdays New music Friday’s Blac & Bleu Saturdays and last but not least Raga Sundae.All event playlist tracks will be featured at all our inhouse events

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iiRadio Top Jobs

Our ii-Radio top jobs audio segment is designed to connect prospective employers with qualified candidates fill any and all opening globally. If you are a current job seeker feel free to use our employment aggregator web page and consider attending our quarterly virtual hiring event.

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The Lord Ceo Muk Show is designed to connect subscribers of our Production Magazine, with Service Providers within their local community. Be full heir or beats for lease & exclusive rights is our radio programming designed to promotion our in-house in house instrumental Productions.

Music Catalog

New Music Friday's Playlist

New Music Friday Playlist

Ragga Sundae

Ragga Sundae Playlist
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Welcome to our official jobs board. Remember, we are in the business of connecting the average everyday consumer with business owners within their local community.

We believe that such a significant relationship between the community, media and local businesses will establishes a trust that creates true sustainability. The purpose of our jobs board is to offer the opportunity for employers to post their employment opportunity and aggregate jobs ads for propsective jobseekers. Our job post feature for employers is a paid service. Once your employment opportunity i submitted for your specific industry, it will be forwarded to our account manager whom will actively look for prospect to fill that position. We are currently offering a 20% direct placement fee, which in the recruitment industry is considered to be extremely competitive. Under our contingency plan as a personal client, you don't pay anything until we provide the service. Literally, there is no risk to you..

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