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We are constantly finding new and creative ways to improve consumer business relations through our subscription-based production magazine available free for online viewing, The Blac & Bleu Book. As an extended service, we offer web & graphic design, lead generation services right through our radio station and production magazine and email marketing and mailouts to assist you in your target marketing campaign. Our goal is to improve consumer-business relations. Become a Service Provider today. Contact us,

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The Blac & Bleu Book is the official production magazine of Batal productions. We are currently accepting Service Providers in the Las Vegas metro area, To connect with current and prospective subscribers of our production magazine, The Blac & Bleu Book. Get listed in our production magazine for only 19.99 per month charged annually and connect with current and prospective subscribers of our production magazine right on our business network B.P. 500

Let our BatalP iiRadio street team assist you in getting your brand out in the community through the combined use of telephone prospecting, area canvassing and events bookings, promotions, and ticket sales. is designed to assist in, Clients will receive the monthly end of month reports on areas prospected, leads generated etc, with a recommended usage for target marketing analysis, quarterly contract renewal, and product and/or services development.

Let us reach out to your prospective customers and introduce them to your current unique product or service and generate that face to face contact that is required to assist the prospective client in the decision making process. We will assist you in generating the perfect telephone prospecting plan, curtailed to your unique product or service. We have an effective rebuttal system that can address customer mis-understandings, indifference, skepticism and drawbacks. Get a quote

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